The fear of the dentist is a frequent and often intense phenomena.

It is now possible to greatly reduce anxiety levels and fear surrounding dental interventions with specific techniques such as conscious sedation, nitrous oxide treatment and hypnosis.

Conscious sedation is a safe and painless anesthetic technique that induces a diffuse calm, a sense of well-being that allows complete peace of mind during even the more complex interventions. It is safe, painless and is always practiced with the assistance of a physician anesthesiologist. Nitrous oxide acts within minutes and ceases shortly after the end of the administration. It induces a pleasant feeling of mental and physical relaxation, but keeping the possibility of an active collaboration on the part of the patient. Hypnosis can also be used to help solve anxiety and stress without medication, it is very useful because it helps create a relationship of trust with the patient and at the same time helps the patient to find in themselves in a safe environment.

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