Conservative dentistry provides all the necessary care to restore the health of your teeth that have been damaged by decay, worn down by excessive brushing (bruxism), or damaged caused by accidental trauma.

These cavities can be superficial or deep. In the former case we merely take away the enamel and dentine affected by caries, closing the tooth with a material called "dental composite". In our experience we prefer this material rather the silver amalgam, which recent studies have shown to be potentially harmful to health.

Thanks to dental composite the fillings closely match the colour and hue as the rest of the tooth treated. Unlike the now obsolete silver amalgam filling the treatment is fast as the material undergoes an immediate cuing process with the use of UVA light that enables an immediate hardening of the resin used.

For our youngest patients

In the case of patients of a young age the conservative treatment of fissure sealing will include a system designed to prevent the aggressive build up of caries caused by a build up of foodstuffs. The natural grooves are then cleaned and thinly laminated through fluid colourless resin. This treatment is completely painless.


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