Dental aesthetics improves the patient's smile by harmonizing the colour, shape and proportions of the teeth, and where needed intervening in cases of fractured, stained or missing teeth or those separated by large spaces ( "gaps" ) and always focusing on improving mastication and chewing.

This branch if dentistry also includes the replacing of old fillings, and those of composite or amalgam. The latter has been has been completely abandoned with new ideas encompassing more biocompatible and aesthetic materials.

To improve the aesthetics and functioning of of the smile minor adjustments might be made to correct any fractures or teeth edges

These veneers are thin sheets of ceramic material that are designed on the basis of natural teeth with anatomical forms that faithfully reproduce the shape of the teeth. They are resistant to abrasion and are able to protect the remaining tooth structure for a long time. Importantly they are made to adhere perfectly to the teeth masking any possible imperfections associated with the colour, shape, or size. Veneers are a perfect solution to diastema (excessive space between one tooth and another tooth), malformations and excessive wear of enamel and tooth misalignment.

Yet another type of cosmetic surgery involves creating ceramic inlays, a method that can fill in the missing part of the tooth or to replace existing fillings to treat or replace your old amalgam fillings. The inlays are firmly cemented and are specially treated so as to minimize the risk of bacterial infiltration. The inlays have excellent biocompatibility and durability. in affect aesthetically the inlays are almost identical to a natural tooth. With regarding the colour matching we use a high precision spectrophotometer, which reads the chromatic spectrum of crowns and teeth giving an objective reading replacing the previous methods that were open to interpretation.

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