Incorrect chewing can be the source of some physical problems. Poor or bad contact of the two dental arches, together with the activity of the muscles in the lower jaw and skull-mandibular bone, can result in certain physical diseases. An out of aligned jaw can cause impaired hearing and posture causing headaches or joint pain.Gnatology deals with the study of symptoms that may result from malocclusion or disorder of the temporomandibular joint and of restoring a proper balance of mastication.

Bruxism is a common disorder that involves involuntary teeth grinding in the early stages of sleep. If persistent this can lead to a leveling of the teeth with possible exposure of dentin, gingival and periodontal damage and in addition can cause alterations that affect the temporomandibular joint.

To resolve these issues we use a mobile device or thermoplastic resin for medical use, which is designed to fit the patient's anatomic conformation and eventually promoting decontratturazione of the muscle involved protecting your teeth.


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