All On Four/Six implantology is a technique that allows to rehabilitate an entire dental arch by inserting just four to six endosseous implants, allowing the patient to have straight away a fixed prosthesis (immediate loading).

This technique makes use of some basic steps : Initially the patient is visited to assess the overall clinical picture of the mouth by formulating a personalized treatment plan. This is done by using a tac scanwhich highlights the quantity and quality of bone, nerve endings and the patient's facial skeletal. The tac is a software that allows the doctor to create a virtually installation studying under pre-operative phase in advance surgical stages.

All implant surgery All On Four/SIX is carried out under conscious sedation supervised by an anesthesiologist. This process allows the patient a prolonged relaxation until completion of surgical and prosthetic phases. Immediately after surgery the implant is screwed to a fixed tooth arch in resin (2 in case of intervention in both arches). resin helps in healing tissue, it being the most flexible of materials currently available. After about two to four months this will be replaced by a new dental arch which will be the definitive prototype in terms of chewing and aesthetics.

The final step involves inserting the final Arch of the teeth in Zirconia and scheduling follow up appointments and hygiene control. The technique On All Four/SIX has given and continues to give excellent feedback both from a scientific point of view and comfort for the patient, for whom the benefits are significant. It is particularly suitable for patients wearing a prosthesis or whose natural teeth have been hopelessly compromised.



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