Today we can obtain a true alignment of teeth thanks to Invisible Orthodontics which is a simple, quick and "invisible" technique using the system known as "Invisalign". It is an ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT that enables to resolve the phenomena of dental malocclusion and crowding. The Invisalign treatment consists of a variable number of transparent masks (aligners). Each LINE corresponds to a progressive stage of tooth movement from the start to the final position.

The preliminary part of the treatment programme would be a virtual image of the mouth in 3D with clin check expected the vision by the patient of Clin Check which is the virtual representation of orthodontic treatment in 3D on the computer, showing the movement of the teeth from the start position to the end position with the teeth aligned. The patient will be able so see the predicted end result post treatment.

The transparent aligners should be worn day and night with the possibility of being removed easily in times of meals or when required. EVERY 10/15 DAYS, during a control session at our clinic, the patient will have substitute aligners replaced as require . In most cases the patient can also be supplied with a certain number of aligners they can apply themselves at home or these can be expedited by post.

Invisalign Treatments offer significant advantages over other orthodontic treatments: it takes less time than traditional treatments and also offers the possibility of a more supervised oral hygiene process. The system does not require the presence of metallic elements inside the mouth and represent a an ideal solution for those who want to align their teeth without invasive treatment.

The clinic is a nominated as a "Invisalign Platinum Provider", confirming the excellence we have achieved and the high number of interventions we have carried out.



Designed specifically for teenagers, Invisalign Teen uses the same Invisalign technology with some special features for a mouth still in transformation: the aligners are equipped with such details as a blue indicator that automatically become transparent when worn with regularity; They help measure the time needed to facilitates the growth of canines, second premolars and second molars with their correct positioning.

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