Periodontitis is an infection of the tissues surrounding the teeth that is causing a slow deterioration and weakening of the gums and alveolar bone. To counteract and treat periodontitis helps to have a healthy mouth and stave off symptoms such as bleeding, mobile teeth, bad breath, abscesses and gingival retraction. The accumulation of bacteria is the primary source of this disease causing the formation of a gingival pocket and traction of the gingival attachment towards the root, which can be as great as 3 mm. It is possible to intervene with a periodontal therapy through certain methods: the simplest and least invasive is characterized by one or more professional oral hygiene sessions which allow the removalof plaque and tartar below the gingiva, the main causes of the development of periodontal disease.

Periodontal probing allows early diagnosis of periodontitis through manual measurement of gingival pockets; in the case of a non-serious impairment of bone tissue and gums you can combat the disease with the scaling/curettage (root cleaning of teeth). In it's most serious forms periodontitis can also be treated with ultrasonic technology "Vector of Durr", a professional, highly effective and non invasive treatment that removes plaque and tartar using a laser.

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