Here we are discussing "Fixed Prosthodontics" where we use one or more artificial teeth to replace those particularly compromised by caries and requiring a reconstruction either by using zirconia or ceramic crowns.

In dentistry Zirconia is used in the form of zirconium oxide obtained by a complex refining and processing system. It is an innovative material that allows the reconstruction of dental arch or of individual items, and has several advantages, such as high biocompatibility, reducing the sensitivity of hot/cold-shock due to itsintrinsic properties of thermal-conductivity and reducing the risks of pulp irritation and the formation of pathogenic bacteria. From an aesthetic point of view zirconia has no properties of translucency andopalescence that make it possible to give the prosthetic component a brightness similar to that of natural teeth. The intervention will eliminate the unsightly black bands, the caused by gingiva that often so much concerns the patient.

From the structural point of view Zirconia doesn't need to be layered but is inserted into a very strong structure. It also has a high mechanical strength thanks to its combination with yttrium oxide. Zirconium and its salts do not generally have systemictoxicity. Here we are using metal free dentistry.

The Ceramic is a biocompatible material, with mechanical properties similar to those of enamel and promotesthe maintenance of the natural tooth tissue. It incorporates the natural properties of dental enamel in teethcolor-blending, strength and resistance to abrasion, with a good guarantee of robustness.


With regarding a "mobile prosthesis" (dentures) their main purpose is when the teeth have been severely compromised and we aim to offer the possibility to improve the smile and mastication ability

It may be total or partial prosthesis where entire or partial arches are replaced. The dentures are easily removable by the patient and the material generally made from resin.

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