Already at an early age it is considered a good idea to refer children for a first visit dental visit and check up. The aim is to encourage from a young age good oral hygiene and routines and to establish a relationship of trust with the dentist who that will go on to last into them being an adult. Children's dentistry ( or Pediatric Dentistry) focuses on oral health of children and to prevent the onset of malocclusion as they get older.

Malocclusion is hereditary, although sometimes it can be the result of a trauma, a premature loss of teeth, a misalignment between the maxilla and and the mandible, overcrowding, overlapping or missing teeth. In cases of a narrow palate it is possible using a special mechanical device, called "rapid expansion". An expansion of the palate can be useful in adolescence to ensure the alignment of teeth by Invisible Orthodontics to correct them so to become "invisible" through the use of transparent masks.

Invisalign Teen is a technique specifically designed for teens.

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